Documentation Services

Category of Water, Stabilization Effectiveness, Clearance Sampling and Daily Drying Documentation. DSi SUBSTANTIATES Restoration Excellence.

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Technical Advisors

Adjusters work for their employer.

Contractors are "for profit" organizations.

Homeowners are recovering victims.

Other contractors wish they had the account.


Who can objectively and competently speak to the needs of the job without a conflict?


DSi can.

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Expert Witness Services

Not just "IICRC" introductory courses. We possess the highest credentials within the industry through RIA, ACAC and other capstone organizations within the industry. We are Registered Third Party Evaluators(R) with decades of restoration experience.

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...charged for the repairs to structures following fire or water damage every year. With such a massive marketplace, trust among those involved can be very challenging.

Homeowners, insurers and contractors each have an incentive to seek an unfair settlement in an insurance claim because they have “skin in the game,” or an opportunity to unjustly benefit from the situation.

No element of an insurance claim is more contentious than the documentation provided in support of the contractor’s drying process following a water intrusion. Drying records can be difficult to interpret and are frequently inaccurate (or even fictitious). Insurers rarely believe them to be accurate or misinterpret them and do not wish to pay fairly for their competent assembly. Evaluations of these documents from restoration competitors are equally conflicted for obvious reasons. Homeowners are the least likely to understand these records and have the greatest amount to lose since it is their property that is being restored… or poorly restored!

DryStandard Inspections provides inspection services collected by seasoned and formally trained field technicians – whose data is reviewed by the industry’s most elite restoration experts called Registered Third Party Evaluators®. These reports are thorough – the finest in the industry – and answer the tough questions that others cannot.

An independent, non-conflicted, formally trained, expert inspector – who has nothing to gain from the evidence swaying one way or the other - is the ONLY way every party on the project can reintroduce TRUST back into the settlement process.

DSi is exactly what every insurance claim requires for a painless insurance claim process.

Insist on a Third Party Inspector...

Every property insurance claim resulting from fire, smoke - and especially WATER DAMAGE can benefit from the use of an RTPE provided by DryStandard Inspections.

Every single property insurance claim!

Let a [non-conflicted] expert speak for your the structure... for it has no voice.