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Substantiating Restoration Excellence

The industry is full of critics who debate scope of work and costs - frequently after the work is done. These individuals clearly have one mission: reduce cost severity to the insurer and / or harvest for themselves some of the revenue earned by the contractor.

DSi has a different interest and approach.

Your property needs to be competently and fully repaired. Property owners are entitled to that. But with all parties involved  possessing a conflict of interest (property owner, contractor and insurer) - who can provide an unbiased view of the needs of the project?

DryStandard Inspections can!

DSi's Mission is to Substantiate Restoration Excellence - REGARDLESS of who is paying for it.

Our Story

DryStandard's History

The International Dry Standard Organization, Ltd was founded in 2004. The original purpose of the organization was to aid individuals in measurement of water and water vapor in building materials. Further, once moisture in materials has been measured, IDSO technical reports generated from these metrics aid the reader in determining whether the structure has reached a DryStandard™, and if not, to aid the reader through extrapolated conclusions in determining what should be done to effectively drive moisture out of the materials.

IDSO's reports incorporate responsible use of moisture meters (as directed in the manufacturer's owner's manuals), and a comparison to normal equilibrium moisture content (EMC) found in materials exposed to "normal" environments.

IDSO is focused on calculating normal moisture content in materials around the globe, and creating the finest reports available. It’s tag line is “Documenting Drying Excellence.”

In 2009, IDSO acquired the Restoration Leadership Institute™; “RLI” (originally Midwest Training) – an IICRC approved school specializing in water damage restoration. Led by industry restoration expert, Ken Larsen, this approved school provided education to North America’s largest independent contractor network, DKI. It’s tag line fit in well with the IDSO’s: Mentoring Drying Excellence.

In 2015, the IDSO found itself involved in many consulting and expert witness opportunities and established the subsidiary business: Restoration Expert Panel. This brand assembled several of the industry’s top restoration experts available. It’s tag line is “Representing Restoration Excellence.”

In 2016, it became apparent that the restoration industry wished to have independent / qualified industry experts on their projects from start to finish since most insurance claims were disputed after the work was done. Thus, the IDSO organized DryStandard Inspections (DSi) as a another subsidiary to the IDSO. DSi specializes in performing the tests and documenting the evidence in the determination of the degree of contamination within the water on the project (“Category of Water”) so that an intelligent scope of work can be determined with a diminished possibility of debate after the work is performed. This is followed up with other tests to determine that the contractor adequately returned the structure to a sufficiently decontaminated condition prior to initiating the drying phase. Finally, the daily drying documentation is performed by DSi – expertly conducted by qualified technicians and assembled into meaningful reports that provide the real answers to those who seek evidence in support of the processes performed by the contractor.  It’s tag line is “Substantiating YOUR Restoration Excellence.”

Also in 2016, and in response to the contractor’s difficulties in the emergence of insurer’s “Third Party Administrators” (TPAs), the IDSO announced the development of the Registered Third Party Evaluator™ (RTPE). The intention was to introduce truly qualified independent expert authorities into the claims settlement process by those who wished to have their structures restored competently and fairly. Those who are recognized by their peers to be qualified to carry the RTPE designation, must have exemplary formal education in this trade as well as adhere to a strict Code of Conduct. To learn more about the RTPE, visit

Located in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Ken Larsen continues to lead the IDSO in structural drying education and documentation.

Meet the Founder

Dedicated to Restoration Excellence - which is in everyone's interest rather than a single entity - Mr. Larsen is a recognized around the world as a subject matter expert.

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Ken Larsen, CR, WLS, CMP, CSDS

Founder & Senior Technical Consultant

More than 40 years in the structural restoration business. Click for Curriculum Vitae details.

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